RAM’s Young Professional Group: Workshop #1.

RAM’s Young Professional Group (YPG), a coaching workshop for RAM employees, was launched on September 23, 2019 and was facilitated by one of our Project Managers, Marc Tabet.

The first workshop was designed to motivate employees to work on individual goals outside of work and discuss the planning of social/networking events and RAM’s Year-End Community/Environmental Project. This workshop is part of a series of monthly events.

12 of our RAMfam attended the workshop.

“The first workshop focused on our awareness over our biological state and how it impacts our motivation and perspective”, says Marc. Attendees were then given some time to reflect on their own priorities, goals and aspirations. The workshop consisted of a variety of activities: motivational videos, interactive polls, individual exercises and team exercises, all geared towards the theme of motivation and self-discovery.

After the workshop, a survey was sent out to each attendee to provide anonymous feedback for the event. The feedback was overall positive.

“Marc’s workshop is encouraging. He encourages people to choose small goals/projects to begin breaking ones’ routines. This approach makes people feel more comfortable trying new things and still be motivated.”

“This workshop was a great way to spark my motivation. Being in a room with others that all want to achieve something and having us all work towards it at the same time is very helpful. In fact, I have already begun working on my mini project!”

See you at the next workshop! ­