Featured Staff Member: Lindsay Hawkins

Meet Lindsay, RAM’s Field Engineer and Engineer-in-Training (EIT). She is currently a Field Engineer for the Vancouver Airport Fuel Delivery Project. She works with contractors and consultants to help ensure the project is built as per specifications.

What do you like most about working at RAM?

As a new-grad civil E.I.T, I find it extremely fun and engaging to be out in the field actively working with the people building the project and seeing it built from the ground up.

As a new grad, I knew that who I began my career with would have long impacting effects. The best way RAM has helped my career development is by providing me with ample opportunity to take on extra responsibility, even in my first year of full-time employment. I find this extremely beneficial since it has helped me become confident in my work knowing I have the support of my team.

What drew you to RAM originally?

I was originally drawn to RAM for the smaller size of the company and its diverse line up of projects. Having worked for both the federal government and a small general contractor as an intern, I felt a closer knit group was best suited to me. Since beginning at RAM, the largest thing that has stood out for me is how much they care about their employees and the wish for staff to be engaged in the company as a community is felt from every level.

What have you gained from working at RAM?

Working with RAM, I’ve gained a lot of insight into how a focus on client relations and a positive work environment can directly translate into a more productive team. I’ve enjoyed being able to see how RAM approaches managing its employees and the different leadership styles within. As I am just beginning my career, I am still developing my own leadership style so learning by example is playing a large role in my development, which RAM has given me good opportunities to do.

What advice would you give to recent new hires?

Use the expertise of those around you and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Everyone needs an email proof-read now and then.

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