Document Control

RAM’s Document Control Team has extensive industry knowledge and experience with projects of varying sizes and have successfully assisted clients in managing critical data sets from engineering and construction documents, contracts, and agreements, ensuring confidentiality of documentation and improving workflow efficiency.

Using a unique approach for each project, our Document Control team helps clients to develop and implement a custom solution to their needs when it comes to Document Management. RAM’s Document Control team keeps track of and organizes all documents electronically, ultimately helping to reduce cost and eliminate compliance issues. The team also assists during audits and other industry regulations.

Document Control Services

  • Creation of Numbering System
  • Document routing, review, and approval
  • Support Project Team throughout project life cycle
  • File sharing
  • Security access to project folders
  • Version control
  • Manage information confidentiality
  • Manage and store Client Records
  • Quality Control Records
  • RFQ/RFP Process
  • Create and update Matrix Logs (RFI, NCR, Documents, Transmittals)
  • Assist with project closeout and turnover documentation

For more information about our Document Control services, please contact:

Polyana Ortega

Document Control Lead
[email protected]