Safety Management

RAM’s team of Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) professionals contribute knowledge, skills, and experience in the field of occupational health and safety in order to help maintain and promote sound health and well-being amongst employees, communities, and the environment in a manner that stands congruent with excellent ethical conduct.

All our HSE Professionals have post-secondary formal education and advanced training in health, safety, and environmental management. They are forward-thinking leaders and enterprising problem-solvers with tactical foresight, strategic vision and a proven record of upholding professional integrity and enhancing operations through the delivery of value-added policies, protocols, systems, and procedures.

Our team can assist your company in becoming industry leaders in safety no matter what sector you may work in.


For more information about our Safety Management Services, please contact:

Fernando De Melo, CHSC, CME, CSE

Principal, Safety Management

[email protected]