Supply Chain and Contracts Management

We lead full-cycle procurement activities including qualifying suppliers, tendering, contract negotiation conformance and award, administration, expediting, transportation and logistics, supplier performance management and purchase order close-out.

Once a contract is awarded, RAM ensures the requirements of the contract and the agreed terms are being upheld by each party.


Our Objectives:

  • Ensure receipt of best value for all procurement activities in terms of balancing price, quality, availability, schedule and other considerations aimed at meeting project cost, schedule and quality
  • Ensure all procurement activity complies with client-specific requirements, applicable laws, regulations, accepted business protocols, and professional ethics

Supply Chain and Contracts Management Services

  • Bid Package consolidation and reviews
  • Solicitation Posting, Management, and Closing
  • Technical and/or Commercial Evaluations and Recommendations to Award
  • Contract Negotiation, Conformance and Award
  • Post-Award Contract Management including Close Out
  • Expediting Services
  • Management Contract Claims and Non-Conformances
  • Relationship Management and Debriefing


For more information about our Supply Chain and Contracts Management Services, please contact:

Christine Tschetter

Director, Project Services