Leading the Global Surge in Mass Timber Buildings and Engineered Wood Innovations

The growth of Mass Timber buildings and engineered wood products is predicted to soar in the upcoming decade. Moreover, British Columbia stands as the epicenter of this global shift towards sustainable design and the use of engineered wood structures.

RAM’s Approach to Mass Timber Projects

RAM understands the complexities of Mass Timber projects and the many unique challenges they represent during both design and construction. Clients want a finished product that meets their expectations while avoiding cost and schedule overruns typical in high-end architectural projects. To meet these goals, RAM conducts thorough constructability reviews. These reviews help mitigate the challenges related to mechanical routing and assembly in Mass Timber projects. The planning stages emphasize the importance of stringent accuracy in structural assembly. A holistic approach guarantees the consideration of all building components during the design phase.

Achieving Success in Mass Timber Projects

Successful Mass Timber projects require adequate care and attention toward the final cross-laminated timber (CLT) finishing stage. One must consider opportunities for pre-finishing CLT components in the overall plan. Proper storage and careful handling of CLT components form the pillars of RAM’s construction process. A project excels when all construction phases target achieving the best architectural finish.

RAM’s Expertise in Mass Timber

RAM’s collective experience delivering Mass Timber projects spans decades. We are currently providing Project Delivery services on the Pauquacin Legacy Gathering Space, a project consisting of the construction of two Mass Timber buildings: a Band Hall and Long House, and Owner’s Representative services on behalf of Alliance Francaise De Vancouver on their Centre Cultural project, a hybrid Mass Timber structure. Both projects highlight the emerging potential for Mass Timber design and are showpieces for the BC Mass Timber Action Plan.

RAM is well positioned to deliver Mass Timber projects around the globe.  RAM’s multi-disciplinary approach fits with the requirements of Mass Timber projects and has allowed RAM to build a team of dedicated contributors from diverse technical backgrounds.  RAM is excited to offer Project Management, Construction Management, and Owner’s Representative services to clients considering Mass Timber use in their projects.