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The successful delivery of projects for transportation requires a multi-disciplinary approach. The RAM team brings expertise from across North America to provide technically feasible and cost-effective transportation solutions.

Our client’s success is our success so we always do what is right for their projects and their company. RAM has been involved with some of the largest transportation infrastructure projects in Canada. We’ve addressed many complex urban issues faced by Canadian cities, while meeting the needs of the rural, forestry, and environmental stakeholders. Our team can work on projects specific to any region, industry, and economy.

RAM provides engineering services from design through construction to in-service. Our innovative designs consider safety, maintainability, and operability throughout the lifecycle of the assets. Our team has experience working on water mains, storm and sanitary sewers in municipalities, municipal utilities (utilities for new multi-family developments), and upgrading existing utilities (replacement plans for old or damaged utilities).

We have a proven record of managing local third-party and municipal linear utilities, including working with BC Hydro, FortisBC, Metro Vancouver, Translink, and many other public and private utility owners.

The Canadian facilities landscape is ever-changing. That’s why our project managers and engineers work closely with our facilities clients to stay up to date on the industry. We work to understand design challenges, complexities, and opportunities for all properties, facilities, and building projects across our client portfolio.

Through powerful partnerships and multidisciplinary collaboration, we design places to deliver social, environmental, and financial value for our communities. We bring innovation, technology, and ESG (environmental, sustainability, and governance principles) to our projects.

Whether designing an energy storage facility or a pipeline, we keep clients at the forefront of the rapidly changing energy industry. Our team has experience supporting new construction, upgrades, and facility maintenance work throughout coastal British Columbia. Our multi-disciplined technical and construction expertise in urban and rural environments gives us an intimate understanding of regulatory requirements. This knowledge ensures we can meet all client requirements.

RAM has corporately worked on most major pipeline projects in the BC Lower Mainland since 2010. We work together with industry and local communities to deliver long-term innovations that are creative, custom, and cost-effective.

Port and marine projects are complex and require a wide range of competencies. The RAM team uses its local and international experience and hands-on knowledge of best practices to deliver environmentally sustainable ports and marine terminals. We plan, construct, and optimize port facilities by helping our clients with port expansions, dredging, and new terminal development.

Our expertise includes:

  • Analysis and design of marine structures (pile-supported systems, sheet piles, gravity-based and caissons)
  • Wave climate and sediment modeling
  • Ship mooring and motion analysis 
  • Ship channel navigation and maneuvering to the berths 
  • Port ship navigational traffic analysis
  • Marine facilities design and operation due diligence
  • Marine terminals conditions assessment and optimization, and engineering and project execution strategies 
  • Bulk handling equipment selection and procurement 
  • Bulk cargo transportation logistics trade-off analysis

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