Construction Management

We are experts in infrastructure construction, from contract management to support of client operations.

Construction Management Services

RAM is a leader in diversified project delivery and offers a full range of high-value, ‘start-to-finish’ construction management services. When it’s time to execute a project, our experts in construction management are suitable for any utility, marine, energy, infrastructure, and facility sector projects. We are leaders in linear construction as we have experienced professionals with multi-disciplinary backgrounds. Our creative approach to strategy, planning, and controls mean we safely deliver on quality, schedule, and costs by managing the project risks effectively.

We can work as a RAM construction management team or in support of client operations through specific construction site services. Our Quality Control and Quality Assurance monitoring and Inspection services help ensure it’s built right the first time. We are always looking out for the client’s and the project’s best interest and ensuring that the project is built to the necessary specifications and standards.

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We offer services including:

Darin Atchison, P.Eng.

Manager, Construction Management

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