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RAM’s Telecommunications team, Encepta, has deep capabilities in engineering, coordination, inspections, and handling data, which forms the foundations of our service offerings for telecommunications and utility clients across Western Canada today. Encepta brings together end-to-end solutions to all aspects of utility, cable and telecom implementation, from planning to design, to management. Our unique integrated process validates and consolidates your data sources so you can make data-driven decisions informed by your whole network in real time.

We have expertise in Wireless & 5G, FTTX, HFC & Copper, Private & Corporate Networks, Permitting & Engineering and Utility Locates.

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Our solutions include:

Field Services

Visiting installation sites is a prerequisite for any telecommunications infrastructure services that we provide.

We use our proprietary technology to gather all the data points in a single trip, which allows us to automate quality assurance processes and gives us a head start on most project timelines.

Building the right infrastructure is complex and capital-intensive.

We verify your assets with above-ground and manhole audits, and employ continuous data analysis to create comprehensive telecom network designs — improving your return on capital as a result.

Optimizing deployment of your assets to effectively upgrade your network to the next generation of 5G small cell technology is an arduous undertaking. Our 5G network design minimizes required equipment changes while ensuring efficient connections to the power grid and communications backhaul.

Incomplete or incorrect data leads to inaccurate budgetary forecasts and costly changes in construction.

Not only do we analyze, validate and clean up your enterprise data, we also collect new information to expand its capabilities. Unlike other cable company or telco data solutions, our system enables AI to generate precise insights to help you make key business decisions.

Analyzing, planning, designing and building new infrastructure is a complex challenge with thousands of variables.

We take care of infrastructure project management end to end, from planning through delivery, making sure your expanded network is built in the most cost-effective and timely manner and follows all the industry-wide quality standards.

Devan Bouchard

President and CEO, Encepta

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