Inspection Services

RAM’s inspectors act as owner’s representative to liaise between the various parties involved.

Inspection Services

Our Inspectors have combined experience of over 100 years on civil infrastructure projects and have been successfully involved in multiple major projects.RAM prides itself on having a field experienced team that can integrate seamlessly into any project, ensuring our clients’ interests are consistently maintained. We understand that the success of a project is heavily dependent not only on the inspector’s technical knowledge, but upon their ability to effectively communicate with all stakeholders of the site works as a representative of our client.

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RAM also offers internal training programs to assist young professionals and EITs gain field experience while providing quality inspection services.

RAM has been offering inspection services for Clients including the following:

  • Inspects all work done and material supplied to assure compliance with the contract documents, which may extend to any or all part of the work.
  • Documents results of the inspection, in summary form on the Inspector’s Daily Inspection Report.
  • Records utilities not identified on client provide drawings.
  • Communicates relevant inspection and project information to the Project Engineer/ Manager, operations personnel, and other key project personnel.

We offer services including:

Mariam Abdulameer

Manager, Inspections Services

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