RAM Wins BC Builders Code’s Recruiting & Hiring Champion Award

RAM was awarded the Recruiting & Hiring Champion by BC Builders Code in their 2019 Champion Awards.

The Builders Code Awards are designed to recognize employers who are making a positive difference in advancing the culture of BC’s industrial, commercial, and institutional construction sector. To be considered for an award, organizations must demonstrate their commitment, leadership and action towards the increasing the retention of tradeswomen in their company, and advancing the provincial goal of 10% women in BC’s construction workforce over the next 10 years.

The award categories included the following:

  • Recruiting & Hiring Champion
  • Loyalty Champion
  • Workplace Culture Champion
  • Community Champion
  • Initiate of the Year
  • Contractor of the Year

In October, RAM signed BC Builders Code’s “Acceptable Worksite Pledge” to fully commit to building a workforce where all employees are able to perform at their best and reach their full potential.

The Builders Code sets a standard code of conduct for workers on construction sites in BC. It defines an “Acceptable Worksite” as the starting point for reducing risk and ensuring a safe and productive environment for all workers. The Builders Code is intended to help construction employers communicate a reasonable, consistent behavior expectation to improve the safety, productivity and retention of skilled tradespeople, and reduce project risk. Visit their website to learn more.

Head over to our careers page to read more about our Diversity and Inclusion policy as well as our available opportunities.