RAM Co-op Experience – Bryony Humphries

Our dedicated team of Professional Engineers, Technologists, Procurement Specialists, Project Managers, Construction Managers, Designers, Inspectors and Estimators provide effective full-scope services to our clientele. Our co-op students play an important role in our team: learning, growing, and providing new and valuable insight to our projects every day.

Describe your Co-op role. What were your day-to-day job duties like?

Over this past summer I filled the role of a co-op student for the Project Management team at RAM. Through this opportunity, I got lots of exposure to a variety of projects and tasks. I even got the chance to transfer to the Vancouver Airport Fuel Delivery (VAFD) project site for half the summer. I gained experience in writing proposals, field directives, NCRs and memos, researching sustainable energies and their potential markets, managing submittals, drawing redlines, and recording meeting minutes. These jobs, among many others, have helped me develop a variety of skillsets I will use in my future career and provided me with valuable site experience.

What’s something important you learned while on the job?

One of the most important takeaways from my co-op was learning about all the different elements that go into an infrastructure project. I learned that every aspect of a project, even what I thought were small things, influence the project timeline and cannot be disregarded. Through my experience at the Vancouver Airport Fuel Delivery (VAFD) project, I got exposed to working with contractors, managing submittals, writing NCRs and field directives, and red lining drawings. I witnessed work on the project like concrete pours and testing, and I got to see the site progress each day. I know everything I learned through my site experience at VAFD will be very useful in my future career.

What was your greatest achievement during your Co-op term?

I would say I had two great achievements over my co-op term. The first was my work and presentation on renewable energy focusing on Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) and renewable hydrogen. This project involved lots of research, interviews with professors, and condensing information into a simple format for a presentation to the RAM leadership team. My second achievement was developing a submittal log for the Vancouver Airport Fuel Delivery (VAFD) project. My tracker helped organize submittals and ensure they were getting closed in a timely matter. It also kept me up to date on site construction and educated me on different aspects of the civil/structural parts of the project.

What are your career goals? How has RAM helped you achieve them?

As a Civil Engineering student, it is my main goal to find a civil engineering company that works in developing infrastructure and has key interests in sustainability. RAM has not only given me experience on infrastructure projects, but also allowed me to dive into research on sustainable energies like renewable natural gas and hydrogen. I’ve always been interested in Project Management, so working as a co-op student with RAM’s Project Management team has been a very valuable experience. Through both my site experience and time in the office, I was able to learn more about the management of a construction project.

Would you recommend RAM to other Co-op students? Why?

My time at RAM has been amazing, so I would definitely recommend RAM to other co-op students. I not only made friendships over my short four months, but also found mentorship through inspiring female engineers. Everyone I met at RAM was nice enough to take time out of their day to teach me new things and answer my plethora of questions. I received guidance when I needed it but was also given room to take my own initiative. I got to be part of innovative projects and see the hard work that goes into each element. I also got the chance to witness the development of the Vancouver Airport Fuel Delivery (VAFD) project over the past few months. My time at RAM will stick with me as one of the most inspiring and educational co-op placements I’ve ever had.

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