Ross Densky Shares His Experience in Project Delivery Over the Years

With over three decades of experience in project delivery across various industries, Ross Densky stands out as a subject matter expert in the field. Reflecting on his early career, Ross shared, “I knew at an early age that I wanted to be involved in the design and construction of major projects.” His journey began with a structural design diploma from BCIT, leading him to a major pulp and paper design firm where he gained early exposure to large-scale industrial projects. Opportunities for growth were abundant, propelling him through various roles in a major construction company, including estimating, project controls, construction and project management and ultimately, general manager of building and industrial divisions. “I have held senior positions in the development of many large scale Industrial Projects that have been successful in achieving Stakeholder Outcomes,” Ross said with pride. Some of these projects include:

  • Barbados National Oil Company: US$150M EPC project comprising deep-sea unloading, 33 kms of pipelines, and six 150’dia. storage tanks.
  • Barbados Prison: US$250M BOLT project for a 1250-inmate prison.
  • Amcor Botany Bay Australia Recycle Paper Mill: US$400M EPCM.
  • BORCO, Grand Bahama, development of additional 6.0 million barrels storage capacity
  • Ajax Gold Project, Kamloops BC: Cdn$1.0B develop EPC Approach
  • Victoria Gold Corp: assisted Owner in tendering and award of successful EPCM contracts.
  • Vancouver Airport Fuel Delivery Project: EPCM project comprising: fuel unloading and 80 million litre storage facilities, and 13.5 km pipeline to YVR.

Ross shares the following key lessons from his experience:

Effective Communication and Collaboration

Ross emphasizes the importance of alignment amongst Owners, Engineers, Contractors and other Project Stakeholders throughout the Project Lifecycle. “It is imperative that all parties are totally aligned in what comprises the Project lifecycle,” he said. Ensuring all parties are engaged and aligned is crucial to achieving stated project deliverables and outcomes.

Cost-Savings and Risk Mitigation

Ross advises young project managers to work with their Clients in establishing a design basis (DBM) for their Project, and at appropriate gates establish a risk register outlining potential risks to achieving stated Project outcomes.  “It is imperative to develop a design basis, well defined SOW, WBS, resultant Project budget and schedule,”  Most cost and schedule benefits are achieved early in the Project life cycle so it is imperative to convene responsible parties early to properly identify, assess and implement Value Propositions that provide benefit to the Project.

Dispute Resolution and Claims Mitigation

Ross’s extensive experience has taught him that project principles remain consistent across industries. “The story never changes! Project Delivery encompasses the same principles,” he emphasized. For the best dispute resolution and claims mitigation, he advocates; Wherever possible the responsible parties must have a clear understanding of their stated obligations and responsibilities.

Skills for Project Managers

Ross believes that today’s Project Managers must be good thinkers, good listeners, provide clear and concise instructions, and possess strong interpersonal skills. “In addition to having the relevant project experience, today’s Project Manager must be all of the above, and most importantly be a good people person,” he highlighted.

 Integrating Best Practices

Ross integrates the latest trends, technologies, and best practices by leveraging his extensive knowledge and experience. “I take all of the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years and I enjoy working with project personnel at all levels by trying to impart some of that knowledge and experience so that it can be used in the development of the Project tools being used on any given Project,” he explained.

Ross is a Senior Advisor for RAM. He provides over thirty (30) years of Project Delivery experience to Owners, Engineers, and Contractors. Ross has diverse experience in many fields including senior management of a direct hire construction company, project director and project strategist on delivery of major projects, construction management, as well as project management as a Contractor, Engineer, and Owner’s Representative. He provides extensive knowledge in various project delivery and contracting models including partnering, DBB, DB, EPCM, and EPC. Ross is experienced in management of Mining, Oil and Gas, LNG, Petrochemical, Chemical, Pipelines, Energy, Bulk Handling, Marine Terminals and Structures, Infrastructure and Pulp and Paper Projects.

Outside of work, Ross is a firm believer in staying active, both mentally and physically. “As most people know, I am a firm believer in keeping the mind and body active,” he shared. He enjoys fishing, going to the gym in addition to walking, cycling, and traveling with his wife, whilst at all times trying to maintain a healthy balance between professional and personal life.

Ross Densky’s extensive experience and commitment to project delivery excellence make him a respected expert in the industry, continuously contributing to successful projects and the continued development of future project management leaders.