Project Summary

Kicking Horse Canyon Constructors


Quality Auditing


Project Description

Kicking Horse Canyon Constructors, selected by the Province of British Columbia to design and build the project, is a joint venture comprised of Aecon, Parsons Corporation and Emil Anderson Construction.

Phase 4 of the Kicking Horse Canyon Project lies between the previously completed Phase 3 and Phase 1 sections. The project will:

  • Upgrade approximately 4.8 kilometres of highway through the most challenging section of the canyon to improve safety.
  • Realign 13 curves and widen the highway to four lanes with median barrier and wider shoulders to accommodate cyclists.
  • Mitigate rock fall and avalanche hazards with bridges, rock catchment ditches and other measures.
  • Add wildlife exclusion fencing and wildlife passage opportunities to reduce vehicle-animal collisions.

Three phases of work have already been completed with phase 4 “Canyon” section as the last and most difficult part of the entire Kicking Horse Canyon Project.


RAM’s Role

Plan, prepare, execute, report, and follow-up for Quality Audits of compliance to the project’s:

  • Design Quality Management Plan
  • Construction Quality Management Plan
  • Traffic Quality Management Plan
  • Environmental Quality Management Plan
  • Health and Safety Quality Management Plan

Project Highlights

  • Phase 1 – Yoho Bridge: 3.2 kms of highway upgrades and 2 new (twin) bridge structures complete 2006.
  • Phase 2 – Park Bridge: replace park bridge, 5.8 kms of 4-lane highway, and new rest area complete 2007.
  • Phase 3 East – Brake Check to Yoho National Park: 4-lane upgrade with median barrier, 3-meter shoulders, wildlife fencing/crossings and replace Mt. Hunter Creek Bridge complete 2011.
  • Phase 3 West – Golden Hill to West Portal: highway grade reduction, access consolidation, pedestrian/cycling improvements, wildlife fencing/crossings and established west portal for Phase 4 alignments through Canyon complete 2013.