RAM’s Latest Response, Updates and Resources for COVID-19

October 26, 2020 A few updates regarding our current and ongoing COVID-19 protocols for all guests and employees entering the office:
  • Masks need to be worn in all public spaces from now on as per provincial health authorities, that means anytime you walk outside the office doors please have your masks on.
  • Everyone will need to scan the QR code available on both 700 and 701 entry doors daily. It is a quick questionnaire that requires you answer “No” to every question before entry. This needs to be done each day you come into the office.
  • In case you haven’t yet heard, there is a new provincial mandate in effect that limits guests in your homes to 6 maximum (outside the individuals you live with). In support of our team, colleagues and clients please continue to respect and abide by the recommendations of our governing Health Authorities.
  • Winter is here folks, flu shots are available at Rexall and other pharmacies near you. Keep yourselves and those around you healthy and safe by getting your flu shots this year.
  • If you feel sick, are congested or have the sniffles (even if it’s just a cold or allergies) please stay home.

April 7, 2020

Mental Health Check

Feeling anxious, confused or disconnected during this time is normal, so take a few minutes and check in with yourself!

  • Stay Healthy: Eat healthy and get proper rest and sleep.
  • Seek Support: Social Distancing doesn’t mean you’re alone! Communicate with family and friends as much as you can, try using phone or video calls. Try to avoid people who are negative when talking about current affairs or events or those who generally increase your anxiety and stress.
  • Seek Credible Information: Turn off notifications for your news app, or limit the time you are spending checking for updates. Stay informed by checking information provided by experts and credible sources such as The Government of Canada. Be wary of what is posed on Social Media and always consider the reliability of information you see on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Be Kind to Yourself: Take some time to go outside at the end of your work day. Take a break in the middle of your work day. Breathe!  

Additional resources if you are having trouble with anxiety surrounding COVID-19:

March 31, 2020

Setting up an Ergonomically Friendly Home Work Station

  • To keep your neck, shoulders, and back free from injury, your head should be vertical to your neck. This position creates the least amount of strain. If you do not have a laptop riser, use books to raise it to a comfortable eye level to keep your head and neck in a neutral, stacked position.
  • Avoid hinging your wrist and try and keep your arms straight. If you need to, use cushions to make your seat come up higher.
  • Find a posture that allows you to see the screen while sitting back in a way that provides lower back support. If you don’t have a fancy office chair that rocks back, try putting a cushion, pillow, or towel behind your lower back.
  • Remember to stand up every 20 minutes for a quick stretch


March 22, 2020

Letter from our Principals

Dear All Clients and Suppliers,

As we all continue to monitor the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation very closely, we want to reach out and share the actions RAM Consulting is taking to keep our team and clients safe. Hygiene standards for our office and site locations have always been of top priority, however as the situation progresses, we have taken extra measure to ensure our entire organization helps to stop the spread of this virus. We are closely following the guidelines set forth from the Center for Disease Control, World Health Organization and BC Government.

How RAM can help

On behalf of the entire leadership team at RAM, you have our commitment to do the best for our employees, customers and the communities we serve. RAM is here to support you and your team, and have the capability to provide this support via:

  • RAM Safety Professionals to help update your safety protocols including performing hazard analysis and updating safe work procedures.
  • RAM Supply Chain Professionals to help with cross-border material delivery or vendor issues.
  • RAM Contracts Professionals to help provide advice on upcoming construction contracts around how COVID-19 may change how you tender construction claims related to force majeure.
  • RAM Inspectors/Quality Managers/Field Engineers to replace/supplement your field personnel.

Steps that RAM is taking to help limit the spread of COVID-19

  • All workers that can work remotely have been instructed to do so.
  • Anyone who has travelled outside of Canada has been asked to self-quarantine for a minimum of 14 days and monitor for symptoms.
  • Cross-office visits are to be limited and internal meetings are to be held by video conference.
  • All visitors and clients have been asked to postpone face to face meetings and use video conferencing or phone calls instead.
  • Our on-site teams have been reduced to as little staff as possible in order to keep projects operational. Inspectors are required to call work crews ahead of time to ensure they are healthy and do not have any symptoms.
  • RAM will not be attending any mass sub-contractor related meetings, including safety meetings, tailboards or our weekly collaboration meeting. We will be working on using technology wherever possible to minimize the interruption and cover this front.
  • RAM will be cancelling all face to face orientations for the foreseeable future except for exceptional circumstances, other options are for the team to conduct them by video conferencing.
  • We will be limiting the number of deliveries to site to critical items only.
  • We are putting in place additional measures with security to minimize interaction as much as possible (no passing of papers/pens/clipboards, wide distance at gate, etc.).
  • Office cleaners normally service our site offices twice a week. We have instructed them to spend additional time, cleaning/disinfecting surfaces such as desks, benches, keyboards, doorknobs, etc. In addition, disinfectant stations have been set up around our offices to clean areas throughout the day, as needed.
  • Any workers who may be on site or in the office alone have been asked to follow the Working Alone Procedure and to check in with management periodically.

RAM’s Policies if a team member exhibits symptoms for COVID-19

  • Any workers showing symptoms are asked to self-isolate and call 811 to find locations to be tested.
  • As soon as test results return, worker needs to report whether they are negative or positive to their supervisor. The worker’s name will be kept confidential.
  • If the test returns positive for COVID-19 that worker will continue to stay in isolation at home to recover.
  • RAM will notify staff, clients and visitors that may have come into contact with affected worker and inform of next steps.

While our team members are working remotely where possible to continue to keep our sites operational, we want to assure you that we are here for you, suppliers, sub-consultants, and staff. Despite this ever-changing situation, we are open for business under these implemented guidelines.

We’re in this together and are here to help in any way possible.

Yours truly,

Joe DiPlactio, P.Eng., PMP & Ziad Boustany, P.Eng., PMP

Principals of RAM

March 18, 2020

Health and Safety Update and Resources

Employees who need to be physically present to do their jobs have been instructed to stringently follow all the safety guidelines outlined by Health Canada to mitigate all risk and continue to do their part to #flattenthecurve.

It is worth mentioning that feelings of anxiety and depression are perfectly normal during times of uncertainty and unease. It is normal to feel out of sorts and gloomy right now.  Here are some resources to do precisely that, right from home:

  • Calm Website
  • Nike
  • E-Counseling 
  • Virtual doctor appointments are available via Telus Health. If you do not feel comfortable going out to a clinic to see a doctor, you can make a virtual appointment with a real doctor.

Below are some tips to stay healthy, mentally and physically, during this time:

  • Take breaks from watching, reading, or listening to news stories, including social media. Hearing about the pandemic repeatedly can be upsetting.
  • If you do need to check the status of the pandemic, use reliable sources, such as the Government of Canada, and not tabloid media.
  • Take care of your body. Take deep breaths, stretch, or meditate. Try to eat healthy, well-balanced meals, exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep, and avoid alcohol and drugs.
  • Make time to unwind. Try to do some other activities you enjoy.
  • Connect with others. Talk with people you trust about your concerns and how you are feeling.
  • Call your healthcare provider if stress gets in the way of your daily activities for several days in a row.

You can also take a self assessment tool for COVID-19 if you think you have symptoms.

March 3, 2020

Management and Health and Safety have updated precautionary steps and RAM policies in response to the Coronavirus (COVID – 19) outbreak. The health and safety and well-being of our Employees and Clients is always our highest priority. RAM will continue to actively monitor COVID-19 and follow the guidelines and recommendations from the Canadian and Provincial governments as this pandemic evolves. We will continue to navigate this situation with agility and transparency as new information is made available.