RAM Participates in Geering Up Engineering Outreach Becoming UBC’s #1 Fund on Giving Day!

April 6th, 2022 marked another year of The University of British Columbia (UBC) Giving Day!

UBC Giving Day is a 24-hour online giving challenge. Driven by online promotion through social media, email and peer-to-peer fundraising, a giving day brings donors, alumni, friends and the community together for one day to support a cause or an organization.

What is Geering Up?

It’s access, not ability.

From coding and robotics, to building cardboard canoes, Geering Up’s programs help over 20,000 students across 51 communities explore STEM concepts in ways that spark their curiosity and illuminate pathways to pursue their passions through STEM.

It’s predicted that 70 per cent of jobs will require science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education, more than half of high school students opt out early – inadvertently shutting the door on a growing number of careers.

When you donate on UBC Giving Day to Geering Up, you help keep K-12 students engaged in STEM.

RAM Geers Up for Another Year!

RAM is proud to continuously support Geering Up, helping to raise $28,000 to inspire future leaders, innovators and changemakers.  We’re delighted to announce that by the end of the day, Geering Up Engineering Outreach was the #1 fund!

Many of RAM’s members are alumni of UBC (including our Principals: Joe Di Placito and Ziad Boustany!) who care about making positive changes for young minds and enabling them to pursue fulfilling opportunities in both life and career. We’re excited to be able to contribute to such an amazing initiative and full-heartedly look forward to next years Giving Day!

Recognizing that our impact on the community goes beyond improving civil works like roads and bridges, we are strong advocates for investing in the communities we live in and help build. Read more about how we give back to our community, our women-in-engineering initiative, and our Scholarship for Indigenous Youth.