Project Summary

Metro Vancouver


Project Services, Inspections


Project Description

The Metro Vancouver Proximal Inspections includes various projects for water lines and liquid waste facilities related to new construction and upgrades to existing water and sewer infrastructure and proximal inspection of existing water and sewer facilities such as pipelines, valve chambers and pump stations, and related infrastructure.


RAM’s Role

RAM’s inspectors provide QC/QA inspection on work constructed by external contractors for large construction projects, including the following general duties when inspecting work:

  • Attending preconstruction meetings and other project meetings as necessary.
  • Inspecting all work done and material supplied to assure compliance with the contract documents, which may extend to any or all part of the work.
  • Monitoring the quality of work undertaken and identifies deficiencies in materials and workmanship.
  • Maintaining photographic record of inspected works
  • Documents results of the inspection, in summary form on the Inspector’s Daily Inspection Report
  • Informing the Project Engineer/Manager of non-conformance to the contract documents.
  • Take as-constructed field measurements and red-line construction prints for the purpose of record drawings
  • Rejecting materials or workmanship that is in non-conformance of the contract documents and accepts work or materials that meet the contract specifications. Creating a non-conformance report for tracking.
  • Maintaining an effective working relationship with Metro Vancouver staff, the contractor and other agencies.
  • Does not direct or interfere with the contractors’ work; consults the Project Engineer/Manager to discuss any issues and concerns.
  • May not accept contractor’s claims and cannot authorize extra work orders. All must be referred to the Project Engineer/Manager.
  • Communicating relevant inspection and project information to the Project Engineer/Manager, operations personnel, and other key project personnel.
  • Abiding by the Metro Vancouver’s or contractor’s safety program and WorkSafe BC Regulations, and report unsafe activities to responsible supervisor.
  • Providing supervision of contracted testing and inspection firms for survey and soils and engineered fills, asphalt, concrete, reinforcing steel, welding, painting/coating, miscellaneous fabrication, steel pipe supply and other materials.
  • Performing other related duties as required for each specific project