Project Summary



Geotechnical Engineering

Property, Buildings and Facilities

Project Description

The Southeast Stoney Trail bridge structure is a 70-degree skewed, 48 m long, single span bridge (highway overpass) that was constructed in 2012.  Rehabilitation works on the bearings and finger joints were performed in 2020.  Since then, additional movements were noted, potentially at one or both abutments.

The current project, carried out by Allnorth as the structural engineer, involves reviewing the bridge conditions and providing additional rehabilitation recommendations.


RAM’s Role

RAM’s Geotechnical Engineering group was retained to:

  • Review available information, including design drawings and reports for the abutment/MSE wall design.
  • Using the available information, prepare computer models of the MSE wall and pile-supported abutment using geotechnical analytical software.
  • Provide design input to AllNorth for preparation of structural analysis model, including soil springs (e.g. p-y curves) of the MSE wall reinforcement developed from the geotechnical models, lateral earth pressure from soil on the abutment, wing walls, and piles and anticipated deflection of the MSE walls.