Project Summary

City of Burnaby


Project Management

Infrastructure, Utilities

Project Description

The City of Burnaby identified the need to revise their strategy for the installation and commissioning of water meters for new Institutional, Commercial, Industrial (ICI) and Multifamily (MF) developments. With inputs required from various departments within the City through the lifecycle of new developments, and a significant increase in the volume of development applications, the City requires a more streamlined and efficient strategy.

RAM’s Role

RAM was retained to develop an updated water meter strategy from permit application through building occupancy. This requires interviewing multiple departments within the City of Burnaby to determine each unique point of view in the process to identify communication or resourcing gaps. RAM then used this information to propose a new, innovative strategy that may challenge the status quo of existing operations to achieve a more efficient process for future installations.

This project highlights RAM’s ability to provide an unbiased, fresh eyes review of any organization’s internal processes and to drive to the root of any actual or perceived inefficiencies. With RAM’s varied client base and involvement across many sectors, our team is also able to bring concepts and ideas from other industries that may provide unique solutions to the daily challenges that many of our clients face.