Congratulations to Monique Lal, winner of the Emerging Leader Award at the 8th Annual WIN Awards!

A huge congratulations to RAM’s Manager of Project Management, Monique Lal, P.Eng., PMP, for winning the Emerging Leader Award at the 8th Annual WIN Awards! This category recognizes an exceptional woman who has distinguished herself early in her career in the infrastructure sector, and has demonstrated a pattern of leadership. This award recognizes a woman who has showcased herself to be an emerging leader of the infrastructure industry of tomorrow. Congratulations to all the other nominees!

Monique is a Manager of Project Management at RAM with fifteen (15) years of progressive experience in delivering large capital projects. She is experienced in managing projects from conceptual studies through to construction in a variety of industries such as municipal infrastructure, hydro and thermal power generation, pulp and paper, transmission and distribution and oil sands. Monique has extensive experience working with clients in both private and public sectors.

She is recognized for strong leadership, communication and interpersonal skills. Monique has a proven track record of effective scope, schedule, budget and resource management on key projects and studies. She has repeatedly demonstrated an ability to develop relationships to foster motivated teams focused on high quality results.

RAM’s Project Management Team (PMT) are infrastructure delivery experts, from transportation to utility projects. Our experienced, in-house professionals have built cruise ship piers, rapid transit projects, utilities, overpasses, and highways for public and private clients. Our PMT’s industry relationships and expertise with clients and stakeholders allow for effective delivery of your project. Our experience with major infrastructure projects paired with smaller municipal capital infrastructure programs/projects allow our PMT to provide leadership at all stages of a project.

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At RAM, we are dedicated to addressing the need for more women to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Over the past decade, the number of women in the engineering profession in Canada has steadily grown. Despite this increase in the representation of women in engineering – both within the profession and in university engineering programs – women are still under-represented in this field. RAM is committed to increasing the representation of women in the profession so that it is more diverse and inclusive.

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