Project Summary




Infrastructure, Energy

Project Description

RAM was retained by FortisBC, to perform detailed integrity/maintenance inspections of several pipelines spanning bridge and aerial crossings. The services were conducted on or in close proximity to live gas pipelines, over environmentally sensitive water bodies and on active bridges belonging to third parties such as Districts, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI), and the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations.

As part of the services, FortisBC required touch up painting activities, as determined during the inspection.

RAM’s Role

The inspections included the following observations:

  • Condition of ground entry points
  • Corrosion of pits, specific location(s),
  • Condition of Pipe Supports
  • Condition of Spring Hangers and Structural Brackets
  • Vibrations (if observed) due to External Forces
  • Condition of pipe coating and surface, such as peeling, blistering, rust
  • Pipe alignment
  • Condition of Pipe / tower / cable anchors
  • Aerial Crossing Supporting Tower
  • Leakage (due to corrosion or damage)

Project Highlights

RAM worked with a Snooper Truck for the majority of the inspections. These multi-purpose units provide the most extensive reach capabilities for a wide variety of bridges, trestles, and viaducts. The fully hydraulic, easily mobile crane allows operators to be positioned exactly where they need to be to perform any type of under bridge task. This offered not only better ergonomics but significant cost savings when compared to scaffolding options.