Project Summary

Metro Vancouver

$6 Million

Project Management


Project Description

The New Westminster Front Street Pressure Sewer is a large, pressurized sewer pipe that accepts overflow from the newly construction Sapperton Pump Station and discharges into the McNeely chamber at Columbia Street. Due to concerns with the design rating of the pressure hatches on the Front Street Pressure Sewer, the Sapperton Pump Station is operating below design pressure. As such, Metro Vancouver initiated a project to undertake an engineering review and subsequent construction of necessary upgrades to the existing hatches.
The project will either replace or abandon 19 (nineteen) hatches along the sewer. Work must be coordinated with the Columbia Street Repair project and the Pattullo Bridge Replacement project to ensure safe operation of the sewer system and to limit impacts to local businesses due to road closures.

RAM is providing overall project management services to Metro Vancouver for this project. Specific roles and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Provide overall project oversight and leadership to manage Metro Vancouver internal departments to achieve project success, including: Operations and Maintenance, Community Relations, Procurement, Fabrication, Environmental, Indigenous Relations, Property Services, and Construction;
  • Conduct kickoff meetings with all involved parties;
  • Order special project materials as specified by engineering, verify non-inventory materials are ordered correctly;
  • Provide accurate cost and schedule estimates;
  • Chair and lead internal and external project meetings with project stakeholders;
  • Coordinate site walkthroughs and all safety requirements to allow pre-construction data collection activities;
  • Coordinate with Canadian National Railway for work required in proximity to active rail lines;
  • Hire contractors through tender or sole-source process. Review work procedures with operations and construction supervisor; and
  • Review and modify cost estimates, review budget, monitor and control costs