Project Summary

City of Burnaby


Owner's Representative


Project Description

The City of Burnaby begun an initiative throughout the engineering department to incorporate Design-Build into their upcoming projects and programs. This opportunity consisted of providing Owner’s Representative Services for the Sidewalk Improvement Project and the Pressure Reducing Valves Owner’s Requirement program.

2020 Sidewalk Improvement Program

Value: $6.8 Million

The City previously had approximately 725 km of concrete sidewalk, 36 km of asphalt sidewalk, and 38 km of asphalt Urban Trail. However, approximately 40% of Burnaby roads (275 km) were missing a sidewalk or Urban Trail on one or both sides of the street. In June 2019, Burnaby City Council proposed to expedite new sidewalk construction. Funding was allocated to prioritize building new sidewalks on streets that are close to schools, parks, community centres, and transit facilities. Generally, the first several years of this project will be prioritized on streets that already have curb & gutter. The City selected sidewalk construction locations based on this prioritization.

RAM’s Role

RAM’s work as Owner’s Representatives (OR) consisted of comprehensive project management, detailed design, preparing tender documents, construction management services, as well as developing a comprehensive communication plan, risk management approach, and cost control platform.

Pressure Reducing Valves Owner’s Requirements

Value: Varies

The City of Burnaby begun a Design-Build initiative to implement this method into multiple programs and projects. Pressure Reducing Valves were on high priority for this, so the City set out to create a detailed Owner’s Requirement Template. This project consisted of creating and fine-tuning the Owner’s Requirements necessary for a Design-Build project for Pressure Reducing Valves, via individual meetings and group workshops with City staff.

RAM’s Role

RAM’s role was to create a set of documents and program to begin using the Design-Build format for Pressure Reducing Valves. The Owner’s Requirement program included Design Criteria, Manufacturing requirements, Scheduling, PRV requirements and specifications, Communications, Health and Safety, Traffic Management, Utilities, Meeting Requirements, Environmental Protection, Quality Management, Project Closeout and Warranties.