Project Summary

City of Burnaby

$148 Million

Project Management, Owner's Representative

Transportation, Infrastructure

Project Description

In partnership with the City of Burnaby, and working with the Gateway Transportation Collaboration Forum, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (VFPA) is leading the proposed Holdom Overpass as part of the Burnaby Rail Corridor Improvements Project. The Holdom Overpass features a four-lane overpass with pedestrian and cycling facilities, elevating and extending Holdom Avenue south over the rail corridor and Still Creek and connecting with Douglas Road at Norland Avenue.

RAM’s Role

As Owner’s Representative, RAM’s role included:

  • Serving as the single-point-of-contact for the City including all external consultants, contractors and vendors;
  • Defining the requirements of the Project, including scope, quality, sustainability, as well as overall budget and schedule of work;
  • Structure the Project into manageable sub-entities as appropriate;
  • Working with the City to implement an appropriate governance structure for the Project;
  • Working with and provide information to the City’s Communications Staff for Project communications, both internal to the City and external to the community or other stakeholders;
  • Responding to and address all stakeholder inquiries regarding the Project, and act as the City’s first line of response for any issues, complaints or problems that arise over the course of construction;
  • Providing advice and recommendations to the City with respect to all decisions possibly affecting budget, scope, schedule, sustainability, and quality;
  • Chair regular Project meetings with select stakeholders; and
  • Assisting the City with pre-qualifications, recommendations, selections, tenders, and negotiations as may be applicable with all consultants, contractors and suppliers, leading into legal contracts.