Project Summary

The Resort Municipality of Whistler


Electrical Engineering, Construction Management, Project Management

Utility, Energy

Project Description

The current Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) Composting Facility Heat Recovery System is inoperable due to corrosion of the heat pump evaporator coils from suspected high ammonia levels.

RAM’s Role

RAM’s role consists of:
• Replacing and upgrading the heat recovery system
• Maximizing the heat recovery amount
• Delivering the heat to the compost process building and a new floor aeration system in the materials storage building
• An aeration floor system in the materials storage building
• Prepare tender documents and support ROMW in the evaluation process, contract administration and construction management services
• Provide recommendations and design for replacement and expansion of the heat recovery system, the heat delivery systems for the compost process building and floor aeration system

Project Highlights

RAM completed feasibility, conceptual and detailed design including tender documents.
• Reviewed the current composting process and the capacity of heat recovery from it.
• Prepared options for an upgraded heat recovery system and recommendations.
• Completed conceptual design for the Compost Process building, Materials Storage building, the floor aeration system and portion of the heating system that will serve the area.