Project Summary

Gitga'at First Nation


Engineering, Project Management

Property, Buildings and Facilities

Project Description

The Gitga’at Development Corporation is looking to purchase oceanfront property on the shores of Port Belmont at the head of Surf Inlet and lakefront property on Cougar Lake. At the center of the acreage sits a historic dam, approximately 330ft up from the oceanfront title, which can only be accessed by float plane or boat. The dam was originally completed in 1916 and is a concrete and steel spillover dam used to provide power for a community and gold mine that was operational until the second world war.

RAM’s Role

RAM was retained by Gitga’at Development Corporation to conduct studies on the property’s potential and assess the viability of some of the potential applications to the site. Upon reviewing the historical documentation, RAM determined the need to partner with a specialized firm to obtain cost estimates for the options available to the client should they choose the purchase the property. The first option identified is remediating the dam, constructing a fish ladder, and decommissioning the water conveyance and powerhouse, while the second option is decommissioning the entire facility. The final deliverable to the client is a report that outlines the steps and associated costs required to proceed with capital improvements or decommissioning and recommends a path forward to guide the client’s investment decision.