Project Summary

University of British Columbia


Project Management, Payment Certification, Quality Control, Field Inspection


Project Description

The supply, installation/replacement, and commissioning services for upgrading the protection and control devices in the UNY substation. This consists mainly of replacing the existing 60kV outdoor substation protection, indication, and control devices with modern digital solutions.

RAM’s Role

The University of British Columbia (UBC) engaged the services of RAM as project manager to review and certify payment claims submitted by their contractor on their UNY Substation Protection and Controls Upgrade project.

The project required RAM to review and understand the payment provisions of the construction contractor. During the construction period and up to contract closeout, RAM reviewed the contractor’s monthly payment claims and validated that the work had progressed sufficiently for payment to be certified in accordance with the contractor’s contract. In addition, RAM completed QC audits and inspected the work as it progressed to verify the quality of the work completed by the contractor was as specified.

The project was completed on budget and ahead of schedule. RAM originally forecasted being involved in the project until June 2020 to close the project out. However, the Certificate of Completion and Final Payment Certificates were both issued in the third week of April 2020.