Project Summary



Project Management, Engineering


Project Description

Stress corrosion cracking (SCC)and other crack-like imperfections have been identified on the CTS(Coastal Transmission System) project through integrity digs, which could be a potential hazard for the pipeline system and can result in the failure of the pipeline. Identified pipeline hazards are required to mitigated as per CSA Z662-19 and BC Oil and Gas Activities Act.

FortisBC’s natural gas transmission pipeline integrity work, known as the Transmission Integrity Management Capability Project (TIMC), has a total of 21 pipeline locations and 13 facility sites that are included in the scope of this project.


RAM’s Role

RAM provided technical and project management support for engineering management, engineering design and reviews to the project. This included the following responsibilities:

  • Review of Class 3 cost estimate which includes basis of estimate, basis of schedule and cash flow
  • Review of master crossing lists
  • Review of FEED Report
  • Review of Design Basis Memorandum (DBM) for Pipeline and Facility
  • Review of Construction Execution Plan
  • Review of Variance Notices
  • Review of Deliverable List