Supply Chain Management

We lead full-cycle procurement activities including qualifying suppliers, tendering, evaluation, contract negotiation, and award. Once an agreement is awarded, RAM ensures the requirements of the agreement are being upheld by each party including contract administration up to and including turnover review and contract close out. 

RAM offers each of these services as stand-alone services or as a full cycle package.

  • Procurement Services including:
    • Procurement Strategy development
    • Market Sounding, Expression of Interest, Pre-Qualification
    • RFP Preparation, Solicitation, Management, and Closing
    • Proposal Evaluations and Recommendations to Award
    • Supplier Relationship Management and Debriefing
  • Contract Management Services including:
    • Contract Development, Negotiation, and Award
    • Post-Award Contract Administration including Meetings, Change Management, Expediting, and Reporting
    • Contract Close Out Services
  • Claims Management and Dispute Resolution
    • Contract Claims or Back-Charge Preparation and Support
    • Contract Claims Analysis, Review and Recommendation
    • Dispute Resolution including Arbitration

Our Objectives:

  • Ensure receipt of best value for all procurement activities in terms of balancing price, quality, availability, schedule, ESG, and other considerations
  • Ensure all parties uphold the terms of the agreement, the end product is delivered in accordance with the agreement, and the relationship is honoured.

For more information about our Supply Chain Management Services, please contact:

Andrea Watson

Manager, Supply Chain Management
[email protected]