Indigenous Engagement

RAM is committed to meaningful engagement with Indigenous communities that recognizes the diversity in cultures and unique needs of each. We recognize that we work in the traditional territories of Indigenous peoples who continue to steward their lands and understand that the work we do impacts those around us. We believe that building meaningful relationships with Indigenous governments, businesses, and individuals leads to our mutual success, benefit, and understanding.

RAM understands that the key to reconciliation is growing awareness and developing relationships with Indigenous peoples that are based on recognition of rights, respect, collaboration and partnership. RAM prides ourselves on the success we have had in actively engaging Indigenous communities throughout Western Canada and the Northwest territories, advancing Indigenous contractors and communities, and helping our industry clients meet their commitments through effective Indigenous inclusion on projects.

RAM’s engagement with Indigenous communities is guided by the following key principles:

  • We value, build and maintain meaningful, long-lasting, and mutually beneficial relationships with First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Communities.
  • We prioritize sharing in economic benefits of our projects through partnerships, education and training programs, hiring and procurement policies, and support for Indigenous-owned businesses.
  • We foster a corporate culture which understands and respects the rights of Indigenous peoples, their stewardship of their traditional territories, and the continuation of their culture, language, and heritage.

Further demonstrating RAM’s interest to enhance Indigenous inclusion on work opportunities, RAM has a committed Indigenous Relations Manager on staff to ensure RAM’s obligations and expectations are met and exceeded. RAM’s Manager of Indigenous Relations has extensive experience working with Indigenous communities, Governments, and industry proponents, enhancing RAM’s ability to promote and support Indigenous participation, bolstering mutual benefit and project success.

For more information about our Indigenous Engagement Services, please contact:

Jodi Carlow

Manager, Indigenous Relations
[email protected]