Project Summary

Geotechnical Engineering

Property, Buildings and Facilities

Project Description

Porte’s Capitol is a 6-storey condominium development in New Westminster comprising two towers and thirteen attached townhome units, constructed over a shared, 3-level underground parkade. This development was constructed in challenging site conditions including steeply sloping terrain and significant groundwater seepage. RAM’s geotechnical team directed a two-phase subsurface investigation involving both auger and sonic drilling. Following the subsurface investigation, RAM’s geotechnical team conducted a slope stability analysis to assess the global stability of the site under static and design seismic conditions. In addition, RAM’s geotechnical team developed designs for temporary excavation shoring, underpinning and MSE walls. RAM’s geotechnical team carried out field reviews during bulk excavation, temporary shoring installation, underpinning installation, foundation subgrade preparation, underslab gravel preparation, backfilling and pavement basecourse preparation.

RAM’s Role

  • Site Investigation
  • Slope Stability Analyses
  • MSE Wall Design
  • Excavation Shoring and Underpinning Design
  • Construction Field Reviews