Project Summary

Geotechnical Engineering

Property, Buildings and Facilities

Project Description

The Lumina Alpha, Lumina Starling and Lumina Waterfall development comprises one 23 storey residential tower and four three-storey townhomes, all of which are founded over a 1 to 2-level underground parkade in very challenging site conditions comprising thick, soft organic soil and a high groundwater table.

RAM’s Role

RAM”s geotechnical team is proud to be a part of the development team for Thind’s Lumina Alpha, Lumina Starling and Lumina Waterfall residential multi-tower and town house complex. RAM’s geotechnical team has been involved in a multiphase subsurface investigation comprising auger drilling, sonic drilling, standard penetration test soundings (SPT) cone penetration test (CPT) soundings, insitu shear vane tests and rising head permeability tests. In addition, seepage and deformation analyses were carried out to determine the minimum thickness of undisturbed soil required below the parkade foundations, to mitigate the risk of penetrating an underlying confined aquifer. At the detailed design phase of the project, RAM’s geotechnical team developed a Secant Pile Design in order to provide temporary excavation support and mitigate groundwater seepage.

Services delivered included:

  • Site Investigation
  • Soft Ground Condition Assessment
  • Difficult Ground Design Solutions
  • Groundwater Modeling
  • Excavation Shoring Design
  • Construction Field Reviews