Project Summary

Vancouver Fraser Port Authority


Quality Management


Project Description

The Centerm Expansion Project and South Shore Access Project were built to help meet anticipated near-term demand for containers shipped through the Port of Vancouver. This included:

  • A reconfiguration and expansion of the existing Centerm container terminal
  • A new overpass on Centennial Road to remove road and rail conflict
  • Changes to Waterfront Road to create a continuous port road from Canada Place to McGill Street
  • The removal of the Heatley Road overpass

RAM’s Role

RAM provided Quality Management Services to the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, overseeing the quality of materials and workmanship on the project. This included:

  • Performing Site Surveillance Audits
  • Performing External Audits of Contractor’s Quality Management Processes and Systems
  • Performing Internal Audits of Vancouver Fraser Port Quality Management Processes and Systems.
  • Performing review of project Quality Records

Project Highlights

Improvements from this project will benefit the community by:

  • Increase capacity at Centerm to support Canada’s growing trade demand for goods shipped in containers
  • Provide a continuous port road from Canada Place to Highway 1
  • Reduce travel delays for port users and businesses by building an overpass over two rail crossings and removing one rail crossing on port roads
  • Reduce port-related traffic on local roads in the Downtown East Side and East Vancouver