Project Summary

City of Burnaby


Electrical Engineering


Project Description

Project Description

When the City of Burnaby is notified of failed traffic lights, street lights or signal works, the work is reviewed and the City determines whether it is to be completed by internal resources or allocated to a pre-approved contractor via a work order. The City of Burnaby requires inspection and payment certification services to verify maintenance work completed by the City’s pre-approved contractor.

RAM’s Role

The City of Burnaby provides RAM with a list of maintenance work that has been completed and invoiced by the City’s pre-approved street light contractor. RAM reviews the invoice documents and visits each site to ensure installations are up to the City’s standards and to verify the claims from the pre-approved contractor. Once all maintenance work is verified by RAM and all deficiencies (if any) are cleared, the City of Burnaby will pay the invoices to their pre-approved street light contractor.

Project Highlights

RAM completed inspections and verifications in a timely manner. On average, RAM was able to complete 30 inspections around the City of Burnaby within 5 business days.