Project Summary

J&M Capital

$7.3 million Capital Cost

Project Controls, Technical Review, Cost Estimate


Project Description

HPAB proposes to construct facilities to recycle spent equine bedding through handling, drying, separation, and treatment processes. HPAB’s facility would create an environmentally friendly method to re-use a large portion of the equestrian bedding material using energy efficient and low or non-emitting equipment. HPAB plans to bag the final recycled product for re-sale back to the equine facilities where currently disposal and purchase of new bedding material is the industry standard.

The objective of the HPAB recycling process meets sustainability initiatives. There are concerns with the fate of the manure being produced by the increasing number of horses. The cost of bedding is increasing, suggesting that recycling the horse manure bedding may be an environmentally sustainable and cost-effective solution.

RAM’s Role

J&M Capital has appointed RAM to complete a feasibility review of the HPAB proposal technical solution and the capital costs to construct a facility to recycle spent equine bedding. RAM engaged two subject matter experts, in composting and mechanical process plants, to review the technical aspects of the proposed facility. RAM has used the recommended practice of the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE) to determine the accuracy of the estimate, based on the level of design and information available. RAM reviewed the documents provided by HPAB. RAM’s scope includes:

  • Review all existing technical documentation,
  • Complete a peer review of the CAPEX Estimate, and
  • Complete a peer review of the Project Schedule.
  • Produce a report detailing our findings.