the Site Visit Podcast with Jesse Unke – Navigating Change in the New Reality

On this episode of the Site Visit podcast, hosts Andrew Hansen, James Faulkner and Christian Hamm speak with RAM’s Director of Project Management, Jesse Unke, about how construction companies have to operate in this new climate of safety and uncertainty within RAM and Jesse’s other affiliated roles.

“Jesse talked to us about his involvement with the BC Construction Roundtable, BC Business Council and the Vancouver Board of Trade and how they’ve had to modify and maintain communication to continue to engage and inform the great Community of construction professionals in British Columbia.”

Listen to the full podcast: Jesse Unke – Navigating Change in the New Reality

Jesse has previously been on the Site Visit podcast in July 2019, where he discussed popular construction delivery methods, construction trends, the importance of early stakeholder engagement in projects, and truly understanding the client’s “why”.