Project Summary

BC Hydro

4.5 Million

Electrical Engineering


Project Description

Overhead Distribution lines in Yaletown run down both sides of Mainland and Hamilton Streets. These streets are narrow and densely occupied by pedestrian traffic for large parts of the day. The overhead transformers were too close to building windows and did not meet the current electrical requirements of 6m for oil filled transformers, per the Canadian Electrical Code.

RAM’s Role

The scope of this project included the design and engineering of additional primary and secondary underground systems to support the removal of the overhead system. The primary systems were operating at 12 kV but rated for 25kV. The secondary underground systems included the distribution of 347/600V from transformer vaults into customer buildings. As such, RAM also supported the conversion of the customer sites to accept 600VAC. The scope also included the design and engineering to remove the existing overhead primary and secondary plant. RAM was responsible for the coordination with third parties including the City of Vancouver, Telus, Shaw, Fortis, Metro Vancouver as well as the preparation of tender packages, support during construction, outage coordination and coordination between civil and electrical contractors.