Project Summary


$40,000 to $1,300,000

Project Management

Property, Buildings and Facilities, Utility

Project Description

Every year, FortisBC has countless natural gas pipelines that need to be constructed, maintained, or replaced in the Lower Mainland. As part of the ongoing project management that is required to enable successful outcomes of these projects, RAM was brought in to act as Project Managers for a group of projects in the Lower Mainland ranging from approximately $40,000 to $1,300,000. The projects are varied in nature –examples below:

Creative Energy 323DP Main Upgrade


Creative Energy will be constructing a new building at 720 Beatty Street with Westbank and Bjarke Ingels Group. As part of the project, several boilers will remain in the new building, and new boilers will be added to BC Place, which overall provide steam energy to much of downtown Vancouver. A new and upgraded gas line will be required to service the new boilers at BC Place as well as connect to the new proposed building. However, the route is along a busy corridor (Abbott Street and Expo Boulevard), requiring extensive permitting and community engagement

Portside/Blundell Road Improvements Project


Port Metro Vancouver proposes to build an overpass at Blundell Road and Portside Road in Richmond, BC, to allow for trains to pass underneath the overpass, without disruption to traffic. Blundell Road will be widened toward the south at No 8 Rd and train tracks are being expanded southward to 7 tracks. As part of this project, Fortis has been requested to relocate approximately 970m x 219 distribution pressure pipe within a narrow utility corridor being shared with several utilities making clearances very tight.

SI 1500m x 168 DPPE on 56 Ave and 58 Ave


Due to anticipated development located near 56 Ave and 58 Ave in Abbotsford, BC, a 1500m long distribution pressure pipeline is required to improve the overall capacity and efficiency of the pipeline system.

Vye Road Overpass Transmission Pipeline Crossing


The City of Abbotsford is building an overpass so traffic along Vye Road can cross the train tracks without disruption. The west ramp of the overpass will be on top of a FortisBC ROW that contains two transmission pressure pipelines –1,066mm and 762mm in diameter. The transmission lines will need to be relocated and replaced to accommodate the overpass.

CDSU -870m x 168PE Minoru Blvd


Due to immense developments occurring near CF Richmond Centre in Richmond, BC, the existing 2″ and 4″ gas main will be upgraded to 6″ PE. Approximately 870.0m of pipe distribution pressure pipe will need to be constructed. The pipeline is located in a busy corridor –Minoru Blvd –and crosses a Rainbow/Pride Crosswalk that requires community sensitivity in completing this project.

7 Ave & Cedar Stn -Rem Heater


A BS&B line heater along an intermediate pressure (300 PSI or less) line required inspection to remain operable; however, the heater was no longer effective for the line. The line heater is to be removed via installing a bypass spool and removing the line heater from the system

LIVPAT457 kP28.153 pipe replace


An integrity dig revealed a section of pipe that had a visible dent. A section of the ~700 PSI transmission line will have to be replaced with an in-kind pipe segment.

LIVPAT457 kP7.709 pipe replace


An inline inspection run determined that there was metal loss weld features a joint of a ~700 PSI transmission line. A subsequent integrity dig revealed determined that the weld failed radiography tests. Approximately 6 meters of pipe was replaced.


RAM’s Role

RAM provided overall project management services to FortisBC for these projects. Specific roles and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Provide overall project oversight and leadership to manage FortisBC internal departments to achieve project success, including: Community Relations, Regulatory, Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Environmental, Property Services, Operations, and Construction;
  • Conduct kickoff meetings with all involved parties (engineering, community relations, BC OGC compliance, sales);
  • Order special project materials as specified by engineering, verify non-inventory materials are ordered correctly;
  • Provide accurate cost and schedule estimates for projects;
  • Chair and lead internal and external project meetings with project stakeholders;
  • Provide technical input to projects where applicable and approve drafted drawings to complete IFC drawings;
  • Coordinate pre-survey walkthrough with construction supervisor to identify if further field validation (hydrovac, GPR) is warranted
  • Hire contractors through tender or sole-source process. Review work procedures with operations and construction supervisor;
  • Review and modify cost estimates, review budget, monitor and control costs