Project Summary

University of British Columbia Properties Trust

$7 Million

Construction Management, Project Management


Project Description

In anticipation of a proposed underground Bus Loop at UBC University Boulevard, Ziad Boustany was retained as the Project Engineer working with the contractor and designer Aplin and Martin to relocate the sewer, water, and storm utilities.

Ziad’s Role

The work consisted of coordinating with the owner’s designers Aplin and Martin to achieve the most efficient design with the least interruption to the stakeholders in the area. As well, the scope included coordination, procurement and management of the construction and consultants.


Project Highlights

  • Congested utilities corridor posed difficulties for the new gravity utilities as well as the 660mm steal welded water main
  • Tie-in of the new water main required major coordination between many different stakeholders for the shutdown as this was the main water supply for the campus
  • Highly congested corridor with large traffic of pedestrians and cyclists