Project Summary

Big Rivers Electric Corporation

$5 Million

Electrical Engineering


Project Description

The new US69 interstate highway is proposed to cross the Ohio River into Henderson, Kentucky. The proposed alignment for the interstate highway conflicts with two existing transmission lines (69kV and 138kV) owned by Big Rivers Electric Corporation (BREC). The scope of this project is to relocate 2km of both transmission lines to accommodate the construction of the new interstate highway infrastructure.

RAM’s Role

RAM designed a PLS-CADD model for the relocation of 2km of 69kV and 138kV overhead transmission lines to allow the new US69 interstate highway to be constructed. RAM created construction drawings and specifications for new steel pole structures and new overhead wires according to client requirements. RAM also analyzed transmission line clearances and structure locations compared to existing/proposed utilities and interstate highways.

Project Highlights

  • Designed 26 new steel pole structures for new 69kV and 138kV alignments.
  • Analyzed proposed wire clearances over existing/proposed utilities and highways to avoid conflicts and lengthy outages.
  • Created assembly drawings for all insulators and attachments to new steel poles.
  • Contacted vendors and specified all materials for construction.